What is Necessity

What is Necessity

About John f Howell

john f Howell was the principal engineer of the Pinellas plant.
He was going to Ge Milwaukee,Ge Largo,Los alamos,Sandia National Lab,Los Alamos,Pentax,Oak Ridge,Rocky Flats for 40 Years.
He had 9 patents.
His only Children (biological)were Jeffory John Howell,James David Howell,And Kathy J Howell Hoffman.(flesh and blood)
He died in 1995 with Brain,Lung and Stomach cancer.
He was a mean uncaring Parent to his flesh and blood all the days of his life.
He did not care if his kid(flesh and blood) lived or died.

Jane Hoffman Howell was John f Howell and the mother of Jeffory John Howell,James David Howell,and Kathy j Howell Hoffman.
 Jane Hoffman Howell died  in 1980.
John f Howell was an abusive parent to his own flesh and blood all the days of his life.
He treated his flesh and blood like the dirt under his feet
John f Howell had no adopted children.

John f Howell took great pleasure in degrating,belittling, humiliating his flesh and blood.
He would beat the tar out of James and Kathy up to about 10 years old to the point we black and blue and bloody when he needed to ttake his flustations out on some one.
He stopped during it when we were old enought to take the belt out of his hand
He was not honorable, compassionate person to his flesh and blood 
The only thing John  f Howell  give his flesh and blood was grief,pain and sorrow
John Howell learned the pattern of abuse from his parents.They were born in Cottonwood,Alabama,they would make all kinds of southern disqusing ,racial,ethnic, and reliqious cracks every time you were around them.They treated john Howell,Jane Howell,Kathy,Jeff,and David like the dirt under their feet
The day after Jane Howell died ,john f Howell he  scream get out of my life,get out of of house,I don't need you anymore,if it was not for you kids i would have divorced. your mother.From that time on he got more meaner and nasty to his flesh and blood.When Jane Howell died,he totally lost it from that time on to his death.
John F Howell didnot have anything to do with his parents due to the ill treatment  he got growing up and the ill treatment kathy,jeff,james,jane got from them for years.
John F Howell was no angel.

John f howell was a mean cruel,abusive,thought less,uncaring,heartless parent to his flesh and blood kids.He learned the pattern frrom his parents and he repeated it to his flesh and blood kids. John F Howell had total disguard for his flesh and blood kids Kathy,Jeffory and James wellbeing ,happiness and health
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